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Learn about the founder, her story and jewellery production

Caroline Stocks has lived and worked across Asia for more than 30 years, although she is not happy about the fact that her experience gives away her age. She is an addict. Addicted to searching for shiny things. Exclusive jewellery, from fine to fashion. After more than 30 years, this true blue “Aussie girl” decided to focus on “charms + pendants” with ffyf.store.

With so much knowledge on how big business operates, and how they produce at low cost in Asia, she wanted to give Australian women a better deal. You have to think about it. And this is not limited to jewellery. These manufacturers have been producing charms and pendants for decades for big brands.

There are thousands of jewellers who have been producing for the most well-known brands, so much so, they know how to make the finest quality charms, with the best materials the region has to offer.

Times have changed. While many manufacturers still produce for big-name international brands, there are break-away jewellers that are making similar and original charms and pendants as Asian producers move from producing solely for international companies to producing for themselves. Whether those big brands like it or not, they never got or get the best raw materials available.

Now that Asian producers have learnt all that is needed after decades of production for big brand names, the best raw materials go into their own products. From medium-sized producers to smaller studio jewellers, Caroline has built up relations across Asia.

Many of the charms and pendants on ffyf.store are completely unique and others you might recognize. You can be completely sure that all products have been inspected by Caroline and are of the highest quality. All products selected by Caroline are made from the highest quality sterling silver and gold, and/or have the highest quality gold and rose gold platings.

If you are wondering how to pronounce the brand, it sounds like a bit like “fifth,” without the "th." That’s how you say ffyf.store. Caroline picked up the sound that seems to be used in so many ways in different languages while travelling and living in Asia.

Now, Caroline has pulled together her network of suppliers who provide ffyf.store with a huge variety of charms and pendants at better prices for Australian women. Australia is still very much home to Caroline, who is now based out of rural Australia where she grew up although she does spend a lot of time travelling around Asia to keep in touch with her network of producers to inspect new products and see what is on the horizon.

“I love charms and pendants above all other jewellery. There is nothing like the stories that are kept in a charm bracelet that has been put together with love and friendships.

I’m doing my best to give you amazing charms and pendants at the prices you should be paying for them, as well as the highest qualty bracelets as a gift for you to wear those charms and pendants. My network of jewellers are lovely people and teamgogirl are amazing and handle all of my logistics with perfection. We’ve never had a single complaint and we’ve also never had anything but praise. That’s the way I love it. I hope you find what you are looking for on ffyf.store.”

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