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Free Bracelet Size Guide

Choose Your Bracelet Size with Charms, Pendants + Dangles in Mind


wrist sizing


  • bracelets found on come in centimetre measurements
  • measure your wrist with your other thumb placed against the inside of your wrist to the millimetre
  • if you don’t have help on hand, sticky tape one end of your measuring tape to the back of your wrist for easy reading
  • this will give you the correct size for a bracelet that you will use with charms
  • also, measure your hand at the largest point with your fingers coupled into your palm
  • this is to ensure your bracelet does not fall off your wrist
  • choose the available size closest to your final measurements
  • always choose the size that is larger than your final measurement, not smaller
  • do not get stressed over 1cm difference if the size you want is not available
  • simply choose the next size up
  • next, choose your Free Bracelet Gift Offer but remember there is only a 30-minute cart hold

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