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Caroline Stocks

I kept running and running…

For as long as I can remember, I felt a strong urge to travel to distant places and dig around in their local markets; so I left Australia soon as I got my first passport, almost 43 years ago. Once gone, the bug got me good, and I just kept going from one place to the next. I wanted to collect jewelry, and I wanted it from everywhere. But from the gold markets of the UAE to the diamond houses of Europe, I felt there was something missing. All that profit, the vile expense and self gratuity for those who have far too much for doing so little; it lacked something, it lacked soul. Finally, I stumbled into Asia, and I found what I was looking for. Pieces that were made by the most skilled hands, that had an identity that I could relate to, and one that you could too.

The value of jewelry is not based on price. A price is just a number that someone is willing to pay, nothing more than that. The true value, and beauty of jewelry is how, when and why it is worn. Why did you choose it to becomes a part of your body, an extension of you?


I spend a lot of time traveling to different cities across Asia. I sift workshops and factories to see the artists create their masterpieces, get to know management and make my decision whether these people are genuine or not. If they are, they produce the best because it is each piece that needs to be made with love, care, passion and skill, and most of all, personal pride in one’s work. This is what I look for not huge factories turning with numb bodies on the production line in huge factories getting paid low salaries and working ridiculous hours per week. That is the global side of cheap labour and big brands.

I’m an Aussie girl through and through and love my country. But there’s something about these markets that simply cannot keep me away. It’s seeing the morning mist settle as the craftsmen and women settle down to breakfast and their designated workstations., and set out to barter with potential customers or bring them back to their workshops. There’s an energy to these markets and much haggling goes on; it’s as much a part of the business as the product itself – except in Thailand, where one does not haggle, you remain polite and hope for a merchant who is feeling generous, and they’re almost always generous with patrons who are nice.

I search out objects of beauty and value in the eye of the beholder. More often having more value in one’s heart than what the actual price of the piece is.


I’ve built up a lot of relationships in Asia over the last 30 years, and that is my edge. Not many people can say that. And you learn a lot when you spend all this time with the real craft makers. All the top brand items are simply copies of originally crafted pieces developed in small shops around the world, then resold with an enormous price increase. I refuse to give in to the exploitation of a merchants personal craft. I feel it loses its authenticity and loses its true value.

I simply love charms and charm bracelets of all kinds. Sterling silver or gold pieces, that needs a good lot of elbow grease to get that colour right. I know quality sterling silver and gold when I see it too. They take me away to that special place and when I stare too long remember my journey and the experiences I had, rummaging through each market, the people I met, the merchants I haggled with, and it fills me with emotion. Am I a little obsessed? Maybe I am. It’s another 30 years on and I feel I’m not even halfway done on my journey. I know there are more markets, more jewelry, and more personal works of art for me to find and bring to you. They simply must stop and create something else, never create this bundle again, and that promise must be kept because I will be back to check. Could I do with some therapy? Probably, but you needn’t concern yourself with that, I live for this and the next clutch I can bag and send to for you to look stunning and unique. This is my life and I love it.

You’re probably wondering what ffyf stands for. What does ffyf represent? It’s that feeling you get in your heart when you put something shiny and gorgeous on knowing that it’s unique and different from everything else, just like you. ffyf doesn’t know envy. ffyf doesn’t know jealousy. ffyf is fuel for your fire. That’s because it stands alone from the rest. I have my stock well prepared but if you have an idea for a piece you want that I don’t currently have, feel free to reach out to me and tell me what you’re looking for. Bringing something special, again, soon… ffyf girl.


So, I love charms, as all you do. I’ve decided this is our focus and I am searching out more and more unique charms, designing and asking for manufacture. Everything is so very polite in my world. It is how we do things and we all help each other so we can all live happily and share in our wealth. This is how delivers our low prices and outstanding quality charms (better than P guaranteed.) And this collaborative, I must admit, Chinese-Asian cultural style of collaboration, help-help-style of working with people is what I love, and why we send out so many different coupon codes. We love it.


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P.S. Use the following email address to send me links of anything you like: Please be patient as I am travelling a lot. I do love nothing less than to sit down, when I’m dolled up taking a break from the search to read and reply to your inquiries. ffyf is based on love. Love for the travel, love for the never ending search of beautifully crafted jewelry, and love for you – our customers.

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