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All Charms are made in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and China. Caroline has 30 years of searching for jewelry across Asia and only sources high-quality charms. All these operations are run by Chinese professionals with decades of experience. Caroline knows who is who.



As the majority of charms are made in China and by China manufacturers operating factories across South East Asia, it is important you understand the difference in charm quality and charm pricing.


Many charms look identical, especially online with photos. That does not mean they are made to the same standards. Some manufacturers produce identical looking charms at different standards. This is normal in China, across all industries. For example, brand sneakers are made for distributors to sell, who pay the brand to produce. That is what brands do these days. They get paid to allow a distributor to produce and sell. They also help to set the standards in the factories. This has been happing since the late 1970s.


Please take your time to read this information. This kind of information is only available through years of trading, having the ability to read, write and speak Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese and numerous other dialects.


This includes everything from jewelry right to big name brand phones, the most famous are made by Chinese companies. One could say they know how to make brand products better than the brands do. In actual fact, they do, in the sense, they never provide the best quality materials to a foreign entity and they never provide it at the best price. This has to do with historical and cultural issues Chinese people feel after many years of being invaded and their country attacked by outside nations, including the West (the UK) and Japan, and many other incursions to their life in the past. You have to accept that this attitude and, well self-defence, and a way to get ahead is deep-rooted in the Chinese social psyche but is kept a secret from all outsiders; non-Mainland Chinese. It took me 12 years of integrating and working with manufacturers before they allowed me privy to this unspoken way of doing things. Chinese producers were looking ahead back in 1980. We are now 40 years later and they know how to make everything as they have produced everything for the world for all this time.


They are pragmatic and now they are producing for the world and have all the skills, equipment, knowledge and experience as a result of technology and skills transfers as they have been producing for many years. They will still produce for distributors but Chinese manufacturers are more interested in recent years to produce their own, which they can produce with better raw materials, as they did not pass on to foreign orders, and they can obtain those high-end raw materials for themselves. Which they do, and you will see that your charms from are cheaper than the big brand name Pandora but our quality is much higher. For example, Pandora rose gold charms darken over time rapidly and fade to sterling silver without warranty. Rose gold is a mix of 14k gold and alloys to create the rose colored gold. It is then electroplated onto sterling silver charms. Only thin electroplating will result in the loss of the rose gold color.

  1. There is nothing stopping those manufacturers making any product without the knowledge of the distributor or brand. They can make them cheaper. In actual fact, it is common knowledge that 20% of these unlicensed products are shipped with the so-called original products.
  2. Replica products, with brand names, are easily available, they are as good or better than the original brand products because the manufacturers use the best materials, materials they would never supply to any foreign entity. I know this after 30 years in this industry. We do not sell any replica brand name products. Our charms come from manufacturers who use the highest quality materials often better than those supplied to foreign brand names and extra attention to detail is applied. Brand names from the West and Europe think they are getting the best treatment, but with 30 years in China and extensive knowledge, experience and inside experience, I can tell you they do not. It is a cultural mindset of Chinese producers to never give foreign companies they are producing for the best raw materials and the best-finished products no matter what the brands market to you. Brand names such as Pandora to Nike and Apple are marketing machines that don’t even produce their own products. Where do you think all the skills and knowledge lies now after 50 years.
  3. Independent charm producers produce charms that outstrip the quality of Pandora and other big name brands.
  4. Then, some of those manufacturers also make different grades of those replicas. Export quality right down to dirt cheap Grade F.
  5. Other manufactures recreate popular brand name charms without putting the brand name on the same charm. The charms are of just as good quality as the brand name and the materials are, again, better because of the reason above as well as creating their own creations. These un-branded charms of high quality are what we supply at
  6. You might see a charm that is $49.00 on that is $10 or less on eBay. The fact is that they might look the same but they are not made of the same quality materials, as mentioned above.
  7. All charms of are made by manufacturers Caroline works closely with. All are made of sterling silver, 14k sold gold, 18k sold gold, sterling silver with 14k gold coating (similar to Pandora’s Shine, which is 14k gold electroplating, however this mix for 14k gold is one that gives the appearance of 18k gold. )Rose gold charms are also sterling silver charms coated in a special mix of gold and other alloys to create the rose color, that Pandora claims to have a special mix that will deteriorate and eventually fade into a sterling silver charm. All zircon gemstones, cubic zirconias, crystal stones and baked enamel are of the highest quality. We guarantee your purchase.
  8. None of our charms are made of zinc and silver plated, which are those cheap charms you see for less than $10 on eBay.
  9. Test your charms from with a magnet. It won’t stick to sterling silver but it will to cheap steel charms with plate silver coating and plastic crystals and glass instead of cubic zirconias, crystal stones, cheap coloured inserts instead high-quality baked enamel colors and high-quality sterling silver which is mixed with the best quality alloys to give the shine of silver. Note, that silver plating will look brighter than sterling silver unless the sterling silver is polished.
  10. No charms on are replicas of any brand and are not branded so. They are inspired by those brands and made with better materials and workmanship.

Sure, I can get all the identical unlicensed Pandora jewelry but I choose to promote and share made by a variety of artisans and jewelry makers that I have trust with. These are relationships built up over 30 years (showing my age.) Nevertheless, these products are better quality than the one I just mentioned.

I hope this knowledge helps you with your choices.

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