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Free Bracelet Gift Offer

We don't sell bracelets, we give them away

You are entitled to a Free Bracelet Gift Offer if you meet the minimum spend requirements. You have the choice of bracelets that normally retail for $89.00, $129.00 and $149.00 depending on how much you spend. ONE Free Bracelet Gift Offer bracelet is allowed per checkout.

You will notice that the Free Bracelet Gift Offer bracelets are priced at $0.00.

As long as your shopping cart final payment exceeds the minimum spend as clearly displayed on that product introduction, simply add your choice of Free Bracelet Gift Offer bracelet to your cart and checkout as per usual to claim your Free Bracelet Gift Offer, and you will receive it along with the items you paid for. If your final purchase payment does not exceed the amount required as specified, you will not receive the Free Bracelet Gift Offer.

The Free Bracelet Gift Offer can be claimed along with any promotional or discount codes as long as the final order purchase payment exceeds the minimum requirements as specified in the descriptions section of each Free Bracelet Gift Offer.

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