How to Make a Custom Charm Bracelet

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If you love charm bracelets as much as we do at, you will soon want to make your own. Then you will start to wonder, how to go about making a charm bracelet. It’s not that difficult once you understand the essentials. This simple guide created by makes it very easy for you to understand how to make your own custom charm bracelet.


A. Choose Your Basic Chain Bracelet

  • Basic chain bracelets are commonly called “snake chain bracelets” because of the way the bracelet is made and that appearance. There are a variety of bracelets that can be used, including alternatives, such as leather wrap bracelets, chain bracelets, but what you see here is the style that Pandora, among a number of other European brands, made famous; the big bead and charm bracelets of today. We just love them.

Chain Bracelet


B. Choose a Clip or Clips

  • Apart from appeal, clips, also known as “safety stoppers” allows you to divide your bracelet into separate parts for your charms. Generally speaking, 3 clips are a considered standard, but there is nothing standard about your own custom charm bracelet loaded with your favourite charms. Yes, this is addictive, certainly for us a

Choose Clips

C. Choose Your Charms

  • Charms are simply gorgeous, there is little more to say. There are no rules to choosing charms. Mix or match or mismatch to suit your style. We are always adding (and taking away) charms on We have a rule, never more than 50 items are available of anything on Once they are gone, then they are gone for good. This is our way of ensuring your charm bracelet is unique. Charms are easy to place on your bracelet because they slide right on. Clips keep them spaced around the bracelet but you can create the way you want.

Choose Charms

D. Add a Safety Chain to Your Bracelet

  • While not absolutely necessary but a must at the same time, safety chains are designed to add an extra layer of safety to your charm bracelet. They definitely add more beauty and do help when dressing. Safety chains, again, are gorgeous and Caroline sources her own favourites in the hope you will feel the same. Again, charm bracelet safety chains slide and clip right on.


Safety Chain


Charms + Bracelets Plus More

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