CHARMS DO WONDERFUL THINGS TO LIVES AND PEOPLE is obsessed with charms, this is something from childhood. Caroline grew up creating an old-fashioned sterling silver charm bracelet from the age of 3 months (with help from her teenage auntie) until she was 16. There were 3 charms a year, one for mum’s birthday, Mother’s day and Christmas, plus a few extras that make 52 charms. That was and still is a very heavy old school sterling silver charm bracelet. She has been in love with charms ever since.

Modern-day Pandora style charms and their huge sizes are just so beautiful and so it didn’t take Caroline to get obsessed with all shapes and sizes, and the bigger the charms and the beads the better. Obviously, most charms, eggs, and beads are made from sterling silver. Always remember, that free shipping is there for you to enjoy. Group shop with your friends, get in touch with us so that we can help you do that. We have an exciting range of coupons to share around with everyone.

The prices you see on are always what you pay and we are constantly adding what Caroline likes and what is popular with charm lovers. charms are as good as Pandora, in many cases better, you just don’t pay the big brand name price.

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