Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets, often called solid silver charm bracelets are an excellent option for those who wish to spend a little more than silver plated charm bracelets. Pure silver must be at least 99.9% pure. Pure silver and solid silver are often confused. Solid silver can be interchanged with sterling silver.

Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets must be made of silver that is at least 92.5% silver by mass. The remainder is made from other metals, such as copper which give the precious metal some extra rigidity and toughness as pure silver is often too soft for making practical objects and particularly jewelry. Other metals are often used to give the silver improved properties including increasing resistance to tarnish.

Modern Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets are also called Sterling Silver Bead Bracelets, the new form of charm bracelet that is extremely popular today.

You know an item is sterling silver because it will have the .925 mark. The sterling silver standard has a minimum of 92.5% of pure silver as per European standards.

It takes a keen eye, an experienced sense of feel and many comparisons to know what those other metals are and to what good or no-good. Enjoy the precious Sterling Silver Charm Bracelets I have found because it is rare for me to be satisfied with what I find. You save because you are not paying the higher prices for that most popular brand. sterling silver charm bracelets are just as good and in most cases, better at a much lower price.

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