Purchase Guarantee

ffyf chooses craft and fashion jewellery to supply based on original designs and high quality. Problems during shipping/transit of your piece may occur, although they have never happened to date since we launched. Should that happen, you can rest assured knowing that no other jewelry company will offer the same product delivery guarantee that we do.

The ffyf Buyer Protection Purchase Guarantee will cover you for replacement of your item including return shipping costs, unless it is no longer available, in which case, and at our discretion, we offer a coupon to the value of the item purchased that also includes free shipping. We confirm this with the forwarding companies - so they know that when your product is tracked, there’s really no excuse for misplaced items.

The ffyf Buyer Protection Purchase Guarantee Covers You For:

  1. Missing items in your package - This has never happened but event that it does, you will be fully refunded or we might make you an amazing offer!
  2. Items that did not arrive (within 60 days lost) - Again this also has never happened since our launch, but in the event that it does occur, you will be fully refunded or we might make you an amazing offer!
  3. Wrong product received - You have the option to keep the wrongly delivered product regardless of value. Please inform us and the choice is yours and we will throw in a 50% refund coupon to use on ffyf.store.
  4. Damaged goods - In the event you receive a damaged item, ffyf.store will replace the product at not charge and will include a sensational surprise for you as well.

The ffyf Buyer Protection Purchase Guarantee Also Covers fyff.store For:

  1. Changing your mind in any shape or form. Moody attitudes or complaints. In many cases, by the time someone goes to return a item of couture or vintage-style fashion jewelry, they normally love it and change their mind again. You will too. We can offer the ffyf Purchase Guarantee because the shipping company is proving that to us and that is why we insist on and only offer shipping that is tracked. Plus, Caroline has 30+ years of relationships with her manufacturers and jewelry makers. If you are really unhappy, talk to us and you never know what might happen with a bit of love.