Quick Shopping Guide

Watch Out for the 20 Minute Hold Limit

  • Please remember that items you select to purchase will be held in your online shopping bag for a period of 20 minutes. After that time has expired, your item will be returned back to the general marketplace and available for purchase. You may re-select your item for purchase again if you’re unable to complete the sale in time.

Delivery Times – Very Important

  • Once you make your order, we process as fast as possible and then send your item express from the closest carrier location depending on the product. Remember, all ffyf.store products are sourced from many individual manufacturers across South East Asia (you should know that all Pandora products are also made in Thailand).
  • Delivery times to Australia are very good and only take around 7-13 working days, including processing time. Your tracking number will be sent to you and will be available through Australia Post some 72-96 hours after it was processed and sent for delivery. There is nothing we can do about that. Delivery times are never exact due to a number of reasons, such as high volumes across the global network and even Australia Post itself. Some items arrive in amazing time, less than a week. Others get stuck in a traffic jam with Australia Post and take extra time in Australia. One thing you can be sure of, your item will arrive and we guarantee your purchase.

Everything Just as Good as the Top Brands or Better

  • The pricing you pay for a brand name is mostly the brand name, nothing else. All ffyf.store charms are made at the highest standards because they have all hand-chosen by Caroline who has 30 years experience traveling the world and many years working direct with charm makers across Asia.

Watch Out for the Limited Charms

  • Some of the charms released on ffyf.store are strictly limited. That way you know what you have is unique and beautiful, like yourself.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

  • Free shipping is available on all orders. You will be sent a tracking number approximately 72-96 hours after your purchase is confirmed. Delivery time can range from 7-20 days depending on holidays and your location however almost all delivers are completed within a 7-20 day period.

Take Advantage of Tracking

  • Tracking for all items is available soon after purchase. You will be sent the code with a link to tracking as soon as it becomes available.

Payment Methods to Protect You + Ourselves

  • We have chosen the extremely popular and ultra-secure Stripe credit/debit card and PayPal payment systems because of the security it provides for both of us.
  • Stripe has become extremely popular with global consumers because you don’t need to expose your financial data while also providing your debit/credit card with another layer of protection against fraud. PayPal is also another global consumer favorite.
  • Our main objective is to ensure that you’re the person actually using your card. ffyf.store has no intentions whatsoever of ever handling your transactions on ffyf.store. We simply do not want your financial data. Stripe securely manages your financial information. ffyf.store has no access to, nor do we store any of your financial information.

Contact for Support

  • All enquires: teamgogirl@ffyf.store (we generally reply within a few hours even on weekends, talk to us, we can and do help.) Message us at teamgogirl@ffyf.store – we really try to provide round the clock service, that way some of us can sleep during the day when necessary. You can also email us directly here through the form below, which will go to the teamgogirl@ffyf.store email inbox.

Do Join Our VIP ffyf.store Program

  • Registering your email and your name to our VIP ffyf.store program gives you the opportunity to get first pick at exciting new and limited designer items before they are available publicly. In some cases, secret pages with passwords will be made available to special customers as a reward. Other times, Caroline just issues our VIP ffyf.store Program with discount coupons. Each charm has an adventure and a designer behind it and we want to share that adventure with you. VIP ffyf.store program jewelry and offers come out randomly. Join VIP ffyf.store now.
  • Our love for our customers is what keeps us going, customers just like you.